How do I generate a password?

We've already randomly picked a strong password for you above, but you can tweak the settings to make it harder to guess or easier to remember, using the options. Just don't make it too easy to guess!

You can control the length of the password by decreasing or increasing the number at the top. Bear in mind that the longer the password, the harder it'll be to crack!

If 'use words' is checked, we'll generate a password based on some random words. This might make it a bit easier to remember than just random letters.

With 'use numbers', we'll swap some of the letters for numbers. For example, we'll swap the letter l for 1 and the letter O for 0.

When you enable 'use symbols', we'll replace some of the letters with symbols. For example, we'll swap the letter a with @.

What makes a strong password?

Having a strong password is very important. If someone manages to guess your password, your data or event your money could be at risk. But what makes a password strong?

The most important way to make your password strong is to make it long - the longer it is, the longer it'll take a hacker or a computer to try to guess it. Just make sure you don't sacrifice memorability - a strong password is no good if you can't remember it yourself!

Using a combination of uppercase and lowercase letters, along with numbers and special characters is another way to make your password harder to guess.

You should also avoid using obvious phrases (e.g. password or letmein) or personal information that someone who knows you might be able to guess (e.g. your mother's maiden name).

How can I remember a long password?

One handy way to remember a long password consisting of random words is to construct a story which links the words together. That way, you just need to remember the story and you'll be able to recall the words that you used to create it.