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How to convert images

This tool makes converting images simple, whether your images are GIFs, JPEGs, PNGs or WebP format.

To get started, select which format you want to convert your images to, and then drop them above or tap 'choose images'. You can convert up to 30 images at a time, with a maximum file size of 8 MB each.

After the conversion has finished, you'll be able to preview them, see how the file size might have changed, and download them.

We'll store your images for an hour before we permanently delete them.

Why might WebP format be better?

WebP format images can be a lot smaller than traditional GIFs, JPEGs or PNGs. When an image is smaller, it will take less time for your website visitors to download. A faster website = a better user experience, and also better SEO.

Find out more about the WebP format.

How does this tool work?

This tool uses the Intervention Image library to convert images.

Images are uploaded to the server using an AJAX call written in vanilla JavaScript.