Dom Stapleton

Freelance web designer

Hello. I'm a freelance web designer from Westcliff-on-Sea. I love designing beautiful websites. Have a look at my work and get in touch if you want my help.

My work

  • Tools by Dom Stapleton

    I made this for myself but hopefully other people will find it useful too. It's a collection of really simple tools for the web, such as an RGB to hexadecimal colour converter, an HTTP header checker, a password generator and a percentage calculator.

    The design is deliberately as clean and as simple as possible, as it's the functionality of the tools that's most important.

    It's a work-in-progress so I'm sure I'll add more tools to it and improve the ones that are already there as time goes on.

    simple tools for the web

    I designed this website in mid-2016 for a company which designs and supplies network provisioning servers.

    The website uses a clean and simple one-page design, with elements that fade and slide in as visitors scroll down the site. The website also includes a simple contact form.

  • ByWriters

    ByWriters is a multi-author blog covering a range of subjects, from current affairs and culture to comedy and the arts. The design is clean and modern with an emphasis on typography over imagery.

    I built it on WordPress, which is a popular content management system. I've designed the site to be fully responsive, which means it adapts to fit the different screen sizes of PCs, tablets and mobiles.

    What can I say...? Dom has done an outstanding job on the site, really great work. He's been reliable and professional, having helped me with the most ridiculous queries I've had at all hours! Always personable, and very easy to get along with, which made bouncing ideas off each other all the easier. Most importantly, the passion he has for web design comes through in his work. I'd hire him again in an instant, so should you.

    Jordan Deadman, editor
  • Emails for InsureandGo

    In late 2015, I redesigned the customer emails for InsureandGo, which is one of the UK's largest travel insurance specialists. InsureandGo send the emails to customers when they get a quote,or buy or make changes to their policy.

    I designed the templates to match the company's brand and include clear calls-to-action. I also worked hard to make sure the emails looked right in the different email clients, many of which can be very fussy.

    Emails for InsureandGo
  • Essex Blast Solutions

    I designed this website in May 2015 for an Essex-based abrasive blasting company. The site includes a before-and-after image slider on the homepage, a lightbox gallery and a contact form which lets potential clients upload photos to send with their enquiries.

    We're really chuffed with the work Dom did on the website. It's exactly what we asked for and more.

    Jake Sach, company director
    Essex Blast Solutions
  • Forcon

    I designed this website in late 2014 for a consulting company which operates across Europe. The purpose of the website is to advertise the company's services, and then direct potential clients to a contact form so they can get in touch. The footer of the website includes a news widget which pulls live information from an RSS feed.

    We would recommend Dom's work to any company requiring a cost-effective and professional solution.

    Phil & Denise Moffat, directors

    It seems like an obvious one but I also designed the website you're looking at right now. When I'm not busy on other projects (or my day-to-day life), it's likely I'm making tweaks to my own website. I don't just like to think of it as a portfolio of my work; I also like to think of it as a testing ground for new designs and features.

    I'm too humble to give myself a review. I just hope you like it!

    Dom Stapleton, me
  • The Hockley Flower Shop

    I designed this website in September 2014 for a local business in Hockley. The website ran on WordPress, which is a popular content management system. Customers could order products directly from the website thanks to WooCommerce, which is a highly customisable ecommerce platform.

    The site was fully responsive, meaning it adapted to fit the screen size whether it was viewed on a desktop PC, a tablet or a mobile. Within only a few months of being launched, the website already began to rank as the number one result in Google for "hockley florist", which was the business's key search term.

    Many of our sales come through the website, and without Dom, we probably wouldn't have had so many!

    Nick Stapleton, owner
    The Hockley Flower Shop
  • Your Homepage

    This is a website I made to replace the iGoogle homepage, which was discontinued in November 2013. I created it for myself and a few friends and family members who previously relied on iGoogle as their browser's homepage.

    Your Homepage includes widgets for the local weather, RSS feeds and trending topics on Twitter. It also includes a widget which can be used to embed a webpage. Each widget can be customised with an array of different options.

    Your Homepage

Why me

  • Attention to detail

    I'm a perfectionist with a keen eye for detail, so I'll make sure your website looks exactly as you want it

  • Mobile optimisation

    I'll build your website so it looks great on mobiles as well as tablets and desktop PCs

  • Compatibility

    I'll make sure your website looks and works as it should across the different browsers

  • Search engine optimisation

    I'll build your website with SEO in mind, so it'll be easier to find on search engines

  • Standards compliance

    I'll build your website so it complies with the W3C's HTML5 standards, making it more reliable and future-proof

  • Performance

    I'll build your website so it loads quickly and doesn't keep your visitors waiting

  • Content management system

    I can build your site with a CMS so you can add, edit and remove pages yourself

  • Excellent reviews

    Have a look at my work to see what I've built for my clients and what they've said about me

  • Low prices

    Because I love my work, I can charge less than the others*:

    Small website1 to 3 pagesFrom £250
    Medium website4 to 8 pagesFrom £400
    Large website9+ pagesFrom £600
    Ecommerce website∞ productsFrom £1,000

    * These prices are just a guide - get in touch for a quote based on what you want. If you want me to build your site on a content management system like WordPress, I charge a little extra. After-care services (like maintenence or site updates) are available but I also charge a little extra for this. You can pay me using PayPal, bank transfer, or a cheque.

Contact me

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