About my copywriting services

Whether you need content for your company's blog or landing pages, or for your latest email or link-building campaigns, I can quickly produce high-quality content for an affordable price.

From as little as £30, I can produce a piece of content for you which is:

  • Unique & engaging
  • Accurate & reliable
  • Helpful & entertaining
  • Well-researched & proof-read
  • On-brand & on-style
  • Search-optimised

My work

Here's a selection of pieces I've written in the past:

About me

I've worked in digital marketing for over 13 years—first as an online copywriter, then as a digital marketing manager.

Over the course of my career, I've been involved in all levels of digital marketing—from social media and customer experience, to email marketing and search engine optimisation.

As well as my work in marketing, I'm also co-founder of What A Drag and am currently studying part-time for a law degree. I am working on a side-project called The Lawpedia.

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