Dom Stapleton

Freelance web designer

Hello. My name's Dom Stapleton and I live in Westcliff-on-Sea. By day, I work as a marketing manager. By night, I design web sites.

I love music, cycling and binge-watching shows on Netflix. But I'm happiest when I'm designing websites.

Things I made earlier

  • ByWriters

  • InsureandGo emails

    InsureandGo emails
  • Essex Blast Solutions

    Essex Blast Solutions
  • Forcon

  • The Hockley Flower Shop

    The Hockley Flower Shop
  • Your Homepage

    Your Homepage

Why you should pick me

  • Low prices

    Because I love my work, I can charge less than the others. Have a look at my prices

  • Attention to detail

    I'm a perfectionist with a keen eye for detail, so I'll make sure your website looks exactly as you want it

  • Mobile optimisation

    I'll build your website so it looks great on mobiles as well as tablets and desktop PCs

  • Custom designs

    I'll build your website from scratch, so you can rest assured it's absolutely unique and tailored to your requirements

  • Compatibility

    I'll make sure your website looks and works as it should across the different browsers

  • Search engine optimisation

    I'll build your website with SEO in mind, so it'll be easier to find on search engines

  • Standards compliance

    I'll build your website so it complies with the W3C's HTML5 standards, making it more reliable and future-proof

  • Performance

    I'll build your website so it loads quickly and doesn't keep your visitors waiting

  • Content management system

    I can build your site with a CMS so you can add, edit and remove pages yourself

  • Semantic markup

    I'll design your site using semantic markup, so your site is more accessible to people with disabilities or impairments

  • No obligation

    If you're not happy with the website I build for you, you have no obligation to pay

  • Excellent reviews

    Have a look at my work to see what I've built for my clients and what they've said about them

I'd love to hear from you

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